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Indicator 2.2: The health risk of sanitation workers (all staff, including desludging, transport and treatment) is minimized.

Key Actions

  • Ensure sanitation workers’ safety through the provision of: 
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), i.e gloves, masks, full overalls and enclosed waterproof footwear. Particularly where manual sewer cleaning or manual emptying is required. 
    • Facilities to wash with water and soap after work. 
    • Facilities for cleaning, disinfection, maintenance and on-site storage of tools and PPEs. 
    • Vaccination and deworming against diseases relevant to their working conditions. 
  • Ensure sanitation workers are trained on the risks of handling wastewater and/or faecal sludge and on standard operating procedures (SOPs). Avoid quick rotation of causal workers and monitor proper and safe tasks of sanitation workers.