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Case Studies

This section provides more detailed information on selected emergency sanitation case studies from different contexts and regions to allow comparing, sharing and learning from existing experiences and further support decision-making around sanitation technology choices in emergencies.

For the time being this section is only linked to the Octopus platform – a collaborative online platform that compiles case studies from ongoing humanitarian sanitation and faecal sludge management interventions. In the coming months the ‘Case Study’ section will be further elaborated. This may include new case study filter options (e.g. by region, country, emergency phase or specific technological parameters) and directly linking case studies to individual system configurations and the more generic technology information given on this platform. Stay tuned!

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octopus logoThe main objective of the OCTOPUS collaborative platform is to improve practices! OCTOPUS ensures the link between theory and practice, and helps sanitation stakeholders adapt their interventions to the different specific contexts of the crises they operate in. Each practitioner has the opportunity to document his or her experiences, to discover those implemented by other partners, and to compare the solutions and technologies used.